v0.13.1 (07/04/21)

    Features / Fixes

  • - Fixed cards UI not showing when played.
  • - Fixed card "Trishula, Zero Dragon of the Ice Barrier" showing up as numbers when owned.
  • - Fixed implemenation of "Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai".
  • - Fixed model scale for "Aromages", "Evil HERO Dark Gaia", "Boost Warior", "Number 13", "Number 31", "Legendary Six Samurai : Shinai", "T.G Jet Falcon", "T.G Gear Zombie", T.G Catapult Dragon" and a load more.
  • New Models / Monsters

  • - Model for "A/D Changer"
  • - Model for "Unifrog"

DMVR Launcher 2! (07/04/21)

  • - Brand new launcher built off an existing patcher framework.
  • - Proper installer which handles checking if you have enough space, picking a folder, requesting admin etc.
  • - Old versions of the launcher are now deprecated and require the new launcher to be installed. Get it here.

v0.13 (01/04/21)

    Features / Fixes

  • - Changed how changing height works. Made playing in VR feel nicer. It should retain your height between plays. You might initially be too small, just increase / decrease it so you fit within the avatar. Let me know if you have any issues with this.
  • - The avatar shouldn't randomly float away from you as you lean forwards or back now
  • - Avatar should follow you properly as you walk around your room in VR.
  • - Fixed monster cards UI not showing
  • - New 3D mirror effect in the lobby. Has a small issue with rendering the reflection which will get fixed in a future update.
  • - Fixed deck master monsters not spawning
  • - Added a load of spell / trap and monster cards!
  • - loads of card erratas and image fixes
  • - Random server side code fixes
  • - Engine update. (2019.4.23f1)
  • New Monsters / Models

  • - Diagusto Eguls
  • - Gusto Eguls
  • - Windaar Sage of Gusto
  • - Obocious Celtic Guardian
  • - Number 47 Nightmare Shark
  • - Number 84: Pain Gainer
  • - Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula
  • - Toadally Awesome
  • - Performapal Kuribohble
  • - Linkuriboh
  • - Digital Bug Scaradiator
  • - Evil HERO Wild Cyclone
  • - Evil HERO Dark Gaia
  • - Helios Trice Megistus (Anime)
  • - Celestial Double Star Shaman
  • - Jet Synchron
  • - Boost Warrior
  • - Synchron Carrier
  • - Stardust Charge Warrior
  • - Starliege Lord Galaxion
  • - Angel 07
  • - Number 78: Number Archive
  • - Trishula, Zero Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • - Red-Eyes Retro Dragon
  • - Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
  • - Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
  • - A load of T.G cards and Aroma
  • - Necroface
  • - Aussa the Earth Charmer

v0.12.20 (April Fools Update) (01/04/21)

  • - VRAINS

v0.12.19 (22/03/21)

  • - Fixed VIP avatars being used by none VIP players.
  • - Fixed some missing models.

v0.12.18 Hotfix (13/03/2021)

  • - Fixed VR mode failing to load.

v0.12.17 (06/03/2021)

  • - Fixed random crashing when playing multiple duels in a row.
  • - Fixed Monster Cards UI not showing up sometimes.
  • - Made it so you can close the LP counter on PC.
  • - Fixed a bug which would could cause cards on PC to grow really large or really small.
  • - Replaced all the avatar options sprites with cleaner, auto generated ones.
  • - Fixed missing textures on Avatars.
  • - Fixed Dark Magician Girl and Red Magician Girl Avatar Options.
  • - Fixed Seal of Orichalcos Text to read better.
  • - Fix text on Jurassic World(Anime).
  • - Fixed wing size on Dark Rebellion.
  • - Fixed "Death and Rebirth" from not being tradable.
  • - Correctly named "Gaia Power".
  • - New card art for "Blade Shade".
  • - Fixed Crowlers Variants (Had multiple of the same).

v0.12.16 Hotfix(06/03/2021)

  • - Fixed models not showing up.

v0.12.15 (06/03/21)

  • - Cards always draw facing towards you now, on both PC and VR.
  • - Drawing positions in VR (Vive, Mixed Reality) have been changed to be a bit more correct. We probably required some feedback for this, since its
  • - Turbo Duels Auto Pilot now Pilots you around the map
  • - Fixed post duel card rewards (Gain a card every 8 minutes)
  • - Spawning a field spell after your opponent has done so will remove the visuals for the old spell.
  • - Reduced RAM requirements by about 400MB.
  • - Properly clear up assets left behind from a duel (Resulting in expanded RAM usage)
  • - Reworked card preview. Cards are crisper, have the correct aspect ratio, and load in the same order each time. Also stopped other UI drawing on top of it. KNOWN ISSUE: The scrolling is a bit weird on some VR devices.
  • - New Model: Assault Blankwing - Sohaya the Rain Storm
  • - New Model / Rework for "Number 32: Shark Drake"
  • - Fixed "Gemini Ablation" from not being tradable.
  • - Trading "Hand Destruction (Anime)" now trades that card, instead of replacing it with the none anime version.
  • - Fixed animation on "Genex Worker", "Genex Turbine", "Water Dragon Cluster" and "Gem-Knight Seraphinite"
  • - Summoning Clock" and "Fearful Earthbound" card text has been updated to PSCT format.
  • - Elemental HERO Phoenix Enforcer, Shining Phoenix Enforcer, Tempest, and Electrum have been adjusted (size / position)
  • - Cyber Dragon Herz, Core, Vier, Nacheter, Drei, and Cyber Valley models have been slightly adjusted (size/position)
  • - Fixed position of "Winged Kuriboh"
  • - Fixed position of "Jurrac Monoloph"
  • - Added Model for "Cyber Pharos"
  • - Added Model for "Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn"
  • - Replaced "Oxygeddon" with original model.
  • - Made Big / Medium / Small Piece Golems the right size.
  • - Fix position of "Lord Poison"
  • - Fixed position/rotation of "Wall of Ivy"
  • - Fixed "Tyrant Burst Dragon" card text
  • - Resized "Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling", "Ancient Gear Golem", "Gonogo", "Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise", "Worm Zero", "Armory Arm", "Strong Wind Dragon", "Power Giant", "Resonator" cards and "Blackwing" cards.
  • - Made "Umiiruka" look more water like
  • - Fixed Texture on "Wasteland"
  • - Added new sprite for the Manga Jaden deck.

v0.12.14 (27/02/21)

  • - Fixed VR height getting messed up between rooms.
  • - Fixed more of the VIP models.
  • - Changed how version checker works to allow for unexpected catastrophic failures.

v0.12.13 (26/02/21)

  • - Turbo Duels are back for VR Players!
  • - VIP Model Board is functioning again!
  • - Further improved the lobby head position/ adjustment.
  • - Lobby duel disk animation works again.
  • - "Cyber Emergency" and "Side Effects?" can be traded now.
  • - Fixed animation speed on Invocation.
  • - Fixed attack value for Cyberdark Dragon and Devotee of Nephthys.
  • - Fixed width / size / position of Landstar models.
  • - Fixed card art for Elemental Hero Clayman (Alt).
  • - Fixed Cyber Dragon Core's level to show correctly.
  • - A load of model improvements for Number 101, Blizzard the Far North, Shark Drake, Cyber Dragon(Vier, Core, Naschter), Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon.

v0.12.12 (18/02/21)

  • - Fixed players being really high off the ground. If you are STILL high off the ground, after resetting your head height.
  • - Made loading in feel much smoother. Your avatar should map to you near instantly.
  • - Monster models should now spawn faster.
  • - Loading into a duel should feel faster once you are connected (Initial game server load times are still quite high).
  • - Psychic armor head now has the right attack points

v0.12.11 Hotfix (17/02/21)

  • - Fixed drawing functionality in VR

v0.12.10 (17/02/21)

  • - Switched over to a new method of storing and loading card artwork. It should be faster, but also we don't distribute the card art with the client, meaning the download and install size is much much smaller (About half the size). While running, your game will build a local cache of images as needed, to skip the web request at a later date.
  • - "Auto adjust height" in the lobby and in a duel now work.
  • - Fixed randomly spawning really high up.
  • - During a 4 way duel, Pressing "Mute Spectators" won't mute players 3 and 4.
  • - Guests now get given the guest name.
  • - Ditched port 81 across all DMVR services. This should hopefully reduce issues with peoples firewalls / antivirus software.
  • - Added a visual indicator in duel which shows you when the Voice Commands are not supported on your machine.
  • - Added a new download region, US East.
  • - Added a load of client side web error logging, to assist with tracking down hard to reproduce errors (Decks not selecting, not being able to check your deck / draw etc).
  • - Fixed a potential error with the Banish zone which could cause it to stop working
  • - New models for "Avenging Knight Parshath" and "Fairy Archer"
  • - Tweaked lighting on cards in the hand. They were very bright. If the change is not welcome Ill revisit it.
  • - "Invocation" Model / Animation is now correct.
  • - Fixed Majestic Star Dragons on card attack value.
  • - Fixed model for Magical Meltdown.
  • - Misc fixes.

v0.12.9 (14/02/21)

  • - Fixed lots of cards from not having images when in the hand / deck / graveyard.
  • - Fixed model position for "Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine".
  • - Fixed "Infernity Break" to allow it to be placed in the gachapon.
  • - Added Gigaplant

v0.12.8 (13/02/21)

  • - Fixed in game voice
  • - Fixed Lifepoints System in VR
  • - Potential fix for monsters not spawning for some players.

v0.12.7 Hotfix (12/02/21)

  • - Fixed loading in via VR.

v0.12.6 (12/02/21)

  • - Fixed issue which was stopping monster models from spawning. Turns out this was an issue technically introduced in 0.12.3, but did not manifest itself until we modified some assets in 0.12.5.
  • - Stopped voice commands from breaking when restarting a duel.
  • - Fixed remote player issues for the life points controller, banish zone and extra deck zone.
  • - Fixed Red-Eyes Toon Dragon Card.
  • - Fixes for duplicate card IDs (Will have been causing random issues with some cards),

v0.12.5 (12/02/21)

  • - Voice Commands are now back! Now fully user configurable. Check the help file at C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\LocalLow\DMVR\DMVR\voice_command_help.txt for more info on how to add custom commands or disable existing ones!
  • - Added the banish / extra deck zones onto the under side of the duel disk. (Position will be tweaked in a future update as it is not 100% perfect).
  • - Fixed a bug with drawing cards where two could randomly be drawn. I recommend trying it before you try the changelog item below.
  • - Added a setting in the launcher to switch back to the old method of drawing cards (Hold hand over deck). Was requested by a couple duelists.
  • - Improved the visuals on the card preview. Cards are not squished now and it should load a bit faster.
  • - Improved the LP calculator. Can now open and close it by hovering hand on the duel disk. Feels much more snappy to use.
  • - Started investigating why VR players end up being really tall randomly (No fix currently, working on it).
  • - Upgraded the VoIP library, should fix a couple voice issues players were having.
  • - Fixed model for "Frog The Jam" and "Santa Claws".
  • - Fixed size of model for "Invocation".
  • - Added model for "Magical Meltdown".
  • - Fixed card texture for "Radiant Dragon".
  • - Fixed size of model for "Number 32: Shark Drake".
  • - Made the deck look more like a deck...Kinda.
  • - Client duel perf improvement (Mostly network log spam).

v0.12.4 Hotfix (10/02/21)

  • - Fixed drawing cards in VR.
  • - Fixed LP counter in VR.
  • - Fixed player scale / duel disk scale in VR.

v0.12.3 (10/02/21)

  • - Upgraded the renderer settings. Higher quality textures, effects, shadows and so on. (Can be disabled in the launcher if your PC is a potato).
  • - Disabled the sharpness filter (Postprocess FX). Personally I feel the game looks much better without it, however it can be turned back on in the launcher.
  • - Rewrote the way player movement works which should make things look smoother and reduce player character jittering.
  • - Fixed major issue with game servers not closing once finished causing me to have to restart the DMVR servers every couple days. Game servers now close when finished.
  • - Fixed muting / unmuting / trading buttons on players in the lobby. You should be able to trade in game again.
  • - Added a connecting screen which shows an actual error if your game fails to connect (Instead of just dropping you in a broken lobby).
  • - Game now tells you if there is an update, to stop people just running the game and complaining when their outdated game breaks.
  • - Position of cards is now sent to all players. You can pass cards to other people again.
  • - Face down cards don't show what they are when looked at from below (Another bug from previous update).
  • - LP Counter on PC is formatted correctly.
  • - Optimizations, Something around a 1%-2% improvement when in a duel. Might be more noticeable on low end machines.
  • - Server side optimizations. Cant really go into specifics but removed a load of synchronous reads when users place cards
  • - Engine update to 2019.4.19f1
  • - Updates for all dependencies
  • - Some lobby changes
  • - The Asparagoos Is in the waiting room. Waiting....
  • - Misc Fixes.

v0.12.2 (07/01/21)

  • - Removed Christmas. Christmas is gone.
  • - Fixed muting players in the lobby. Muting in game is still broken.

Launcher v1.3.0 (09/12/20)

  • - You can now switch download server in Settings. If you think your download is taking ages, this might be why. See if its set to a region near you.
  • - When detecting which download server to use, we prompt the user to see if its correct before continuing.
  • - Error handling for exceptions during app update, the installation window should not hang half way through.
  • - Fixed Mono.Cecil error which would appear and hang the launcher during update (Will probably happen on THIS update but will be fine in the next update. Just close the installer once it hangs.)
  • - Updated a load of dependencies.
  • - The app now restarts after installing an update, meaning that you don't need to reopen the Launcher after a launcher patch is out.

v0.12.1 (?/12/20)

  • - Changelog not found :(
  • - Probably Christmas?

v0.12.0 (07/12/20)

  • - You now HAVE to log in via the launcher to play DMVR. In a future update I'll make the game remember your log in for if you launch via the oculus app. If you don't sign in, you will load in as a guest.
  • - Creating and joining games is much faster.
  • - Loading into DMVR is faster.
  • - Force DMVR to load into PC mode via the launcher!
  • - Configure resolution and window mode from launcher.
  • - Even better error logging.
  • - Lots of random fixes.
  • - Updated Sphere Kuribos Model.
  • - Removed Halloween Lobby.

  • New Decks!

  • - The D.
  • - Manjoume Thunder.
  • - Magical Gaia.
  • - Princess Rose.
  • - Lorenzo.
  • - Palaeozoic.
  • - Malice Doll of Demise.
  • - Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon.
  • - Lucien Grimley.
  • - Curran and Pikeru.

  • Known Issues

  • - A load of mic muting issues.
  • - Card images vanishing.

v0.11.9 Hotfix (11/11/20)

  • - Fixed some small bugs introduced in v0.11.8.

v0.11.8 (11/11/20)

  • - Fixed the top 10 most common exceptions coming through the error logger. (This should stop some of the issues people have with connecting, hopefully).
  • - Fixed card issue in the lobby, which could cause them to stop functioning.
  • - Fixed an issue which caused clients to disconnect incorrectly.
  • - Added logging to help track down some bugs, to be fixed in a future update.
  • - A load of null references fixes due to things being set up at the wrong time.
  • - Done some set up to start getting 0.12 ready for testing / fixing.

v0.11.7 (x/11/20)

  • - Changelog Missing :(

v0.11.666 (31/10/20)

  • - Spooky Lobby.

v0.11.5 (x/x/20)

  • - Changelog Missing :(

v0.11.4 Quality of Life Update(11/07/20)

  • - PC Players can grab cards from either side.
  • - Fixed middle Spell/Trap/Monster card UI flickering for PC players.
  • - Fixed Deck Master card texts ready for tournament!
  • - Fixed right pointer from sometimes not working.
  • - Fixed the attack button from failing when switching between pointers.
  • - Fixed errors which sometimes occurred during scene transition.
  • - Fixed a glitch with returning from the Tutorial to the lobby where the player would not disconnect from the tutorial network.
  • - Fixed the deck checking UI in the tutorial.
  • - Stopped the extra deck being tied to the knee animation.
  • - Changed the shader for VIP custom models to use the Cutout version, so that materials with transparency (like trees) look correct.
  • - Added missing files which were stopping VIPs from accessing certain VIP specific features.
  • - Fixed the flickering of overlapping cards on the duel disk.
  • - Fixed the wrinkles on Yusei.
  • - Yami's pants are looking better.

v0.11.2 (19/06/20)

  • - Deck Masters Rework : Over 100 new Deck Masters crafted by our team.
  • - Deck Masters enabled on PC! Press T to use the new Deck Master zone while playing on PC.
  • - New player avatars added. Its time to Chazz it up!
  • - Fixed 4 player mode which wasn't working correctly.
  • - Lots of fixes for monster scaling, and missing models.
  • - Upgraded the rest of the UI with a nice new look.
  • - A load of small boring stuff, which is going to set up some cool bigger stuff :)

  • New Decks!

  • - Bolt Tanner.
  • - Hunter Pace.
  • - Gill Randsborg.
  • - Darkness.
  • - Landstar.
  • - Odion.

v0.11.1 Hotfix (13/06/20)

  • - PC Players can now change graphics settings on game launch
  • - Made patcher work better. (Smaller patches).

v0.11.1 - The "For The Fans" Update (10/06/20)

    Bug Fixes

  • - Fixed voice communications randomly failing on Oculus devices.
  • - Fixed your character and other characters running in place, which was making it very hard to use the banish zone as it was flailing around with your leg.
  • - Fixed the VR UI pointer randomly stopping working correctly. Using the duel disk should always feel a lot more consistent.
  • - Stopped VR UI clicks going through windows and hitting other UI elements behind it.
  • - Fixed the random card deck not generating random cards each duel.

  • New Features / Improvements

  • - First iteration of a feature which allows you to view the contents of decks when selecting them in the lobby. This feature will be improved in part 2 of the update.
  • - Reworked some of the UI to make it brighter and somewhat more consistent. (Big thanks to @Tinkomut for new artwork)
  • - The image on face down cards should not be visible to other players now.
  • - The mirror in the lobby now works more correctly.
  • - Added an indicator to tell VR users when spectator mode is activated.
  • - Improved visual quality of the lobby, and some textures used in different places.
  • - We now hide your avatars face model when in VR and PC.
  • - More highlighting on what you are going to interact with.
  • - Reduced the RAM requirements.